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About Us

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Patrick Clancy , MD, ABPh earned his medical degree from the University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine, graduating in its inaugural class of 1981.This medical school was associated with the Veteran’s Administration Hospital System in Columbia, SC. Although he passed on 3 different college scholarship opportunities to play football, Dr. Clancy at a young age knew his passion was to serve his fellow man, first in the US Navy and then as a dedicated physician.

The VA associated medical school was unlike any others across the land. One of seven Medical Schools funded by the Veterans Administration, it was intensely scrutinized. The benefit in the “first” graduating class was that there were only 22 students and 198 faculty, and thus provided an amazing learning environment.

Among the other firsts in Dr. Clancy’s career was his residency program at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ. This program was the first residency program in the US to train primary care physicians in 1973. At that time, the AMA did not have a specialty of Family Medicine but rather a specialty of “General Practitioner” where the term GP came from. Following residency, Clancy was instrumental in the development of the walk-in clinic concept, bringing family care to the local community. This developmental process has resulted, after 20 years, in the process seen across America as the “urgent care center.” A trail blazing career truly characterizes Dr. Clancy, who was also recruited by Merv Griffin’s Resorts and Casinos in Atlantic City to bring the urgent care center concept to their organization.

Dr. Clancy’s primary focus was family and urgent care, dealing with heart disease, cancer, and the typical problems that affect the masses. It was his innate desire to blaze trails that led him to find venous disease and its treatment. Affecting up to 40% of his patients, venous disease and varicose veins was something Dr. Clancy saw his patients suffer with for years. Aside from the traditional hospital stripping, he was unable to offer much help for this often-painful condition. That all changed in 2004 when he was exposed to the newly FDA approved advanced laser treatments for varicose veins. He was trained exhaustively by several of the top vein Doctors in the country. And , in July of 2005, Dr. Clancy began to offer this treatment to the community. Since that time, he has helped hundreds of patients and thoroughly enjoys his ability to “fix” their venous problem.

The field of phlebology (vein diseases) continues to develop as a medical specialty. A national “Board Certification” test was given May 15 , 2008. As you can well imagine with a newly recognized specialty board the bar for passage has been set quite high to ensure the quality of the discipline. Dr. Clancy was one of 11 doctors in all of New Jersey to pass the test and he is the only one in all of South Jersey to be board certified in Phlebology.